Doowhizzle (Give Yourself Up)

from by Jabutí

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Doowhizzle is everything in your heart. Give yourself up.


Doowhizzle in the park, yeah
Doowhizzle from the heart, yeah
Doowhizzle on the train, yeah
Doowhizzle everyday, yeah
Doowhizzle how you can, yeah
Doowhizzle for your man, yeah
Doowhizzle for your girl, yeah
Doowhizzle from the soul, yeah

Nobody knows where the soul lies
Everybody is right to see a view in their eye
Even hear a reply, go 'head and ask yourself why
Why am I on a path working to perfect a craft?
Cause you'll be due, you'll be ready on time
And I'll tell it through and through
While I be droppin' these rhymes
You could laugh at me just as much as you like
Plan to put it in my heart and take a look at the signs, and keep
Redefining what I'm finding to be, ya see
A lot of motion, lot of growing around me
I see what you can be, you're my perfect queen
You're all my blessings from above, I admit
There are times I should shut the fuck up
Most times, I'm a sensitive one
Another track, keep the quality up
That's why most of them cuts are rough cause...

Gotta get it out of today
Feel a little lighter tomorrow
Lot of words, a lot to say
Give yourself up

Watching you eat, watching you sleep
Thinkin' bout your little feet kicking
While I'm sitting on the train thinking about you
There's always something in you real about you
I'm sorry that I made a mess and treated you less
Hit you on the chest, slowed you down
Goin' around, spend too many nights in town
Nothing to be found, nothing worth the meaning of forever
With all of us together, we be the baddest people ever, yeah?
We could be travelers, we could be good teachers
It's a thin line, I hope you're feeling fine
I see the damage, but we're building up a new stage
A mix of the old, a mix of the new age
Back in routine where everyday we meditate
There's only love carrying our self-esteem
Simple now, write it down, wash it clean

Gotta get it out of today
Feel a little lighter tomorrow
Lot of words, a lot to say
Give yourself up

Doowhizzle it up...


from All On a Sunday Afternoon, track released July 1, 2014
Drums and Bongos by James Higgins
Bass, E-piano and Synth by Toga D'Hoore
Guitar and Vocals by Pat Garcia
Recorded at The Palms
Written and Mixed by Pat Garcia
Mastered by Josh Stevenson at Otic Sound
Produced by Jabutí



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Jabutí Vancouver, British Columbia

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